NSW Tertiary Student Rep Team Canada Tour

The NSW Tertiary Student Rugby League will be selecting a team to tour to Vancouver Canada, leaving Sydney on 9 July and returning 21 July 2015.

As with previous tours of this nature it will self-funded with each participant required to pay a levy of $2,850, which will cover the cost of air fares, accommodation & meals, apparel, insurance, etc. The team will be based on campus at the University of British Columbia and play 3 matches. Full details of the itinerary are still being finalised and information in this regard will be posted as soon as it is received.

A squad of 20 players will be selected with the requirement that they are registered with the NSWTSRL and have played at least 3 competition matches as at 9 July. Provided these requirements are met, players from all clubs will be eligible and whilst the City/Country match to be played on 15 May will be used as the primary selection trial, selectors will also consider other players specifically nominated by their club.

If you are interested in participating in the tour as a player you should ensure your club coach/executive is aware and that you make yourself available for selection in either the City or Country sides as applicable, or if you are unable to participate in that match, request your club to nominate you.

There are also two trainer positions available, so if you hold the appropriate qualifications you can apply by email to Tour Manager, Bob Lennox: boblennox1950@yahoo.com.au