NSW Universities 2022 Representative Players Application

The annual Australian Universities Rugby League (AURL) Interstate Challenge match between NSW and Queensland will be played at the Sunshine Coast, venue to be confirmed on Saturday 25th of June 2022. The match will serve as the primary selection trial for the AURL Representative Team, which will undertake a tri series v Australian Police and Australian Defence representative sides in Queensland.

Expressions of interest are now invited from players wishing to be considered for selection in the 2022 NSW Universities team.

Applicants need to be aware of the following requirements:

 – Student eligibility is as determined by Australian University Sport (AUS) Selection Criteria By Laws:

1. Player must be enrolled and currently proceeding in a course of study at university, TAFE, tertiary institution or recognised college, with current student enrolment number;

 2. Upon selection he will be required to provide proof of (1) above for AUS acceptance ; and

 3. He must remain compliant to (1) above for the duration of his selection commitment.

 – Participation in the NSW Universities team is on a self-funded basis and all players expressing an interest must be prepared to commit to attending a training camp to be advised upon selection, also pay a levy of $990 prior to assist cover the cost of apparel, flights accommodation/meals, etc.

In addition, in the event that the player is subsequently selected in the AURL team, he must also be prepared to commit to tri series above which will be played mid October 2022 and pay a participation levy (final cost to be determined and will be advised after the Interstate Challenge match).

Applications are now closed for 2022

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