2013 Country Side Announced

Details of the Country train on side selected to for the annual City/Country match, to be played at Brookvale Oval on 29 June 2013, are as follows: 

  • Adam Keough (ANU)
  • Ben Giteau (ANU)
  • Brent Thompson (ANU)
  • Chris Turner (ANU)
  • Connor Taylor (ADFA)
  • Dave Turner (ANU)
  • Greg Dowd (Norwest)
  • Hayden Murphy (ADFA)
  • Jack Barra (ADFA)
  • Jay Vial (Norwest)
  • Keith Weston (Norwest)
  • Mathew Goodridge (ADFA)
  • Nicholas Dowling (Norwest)
  • Nik Jelic (Norwest)

  • Paul O’Brien (ANU)
  • Ronald Rout (Norwest)
  • Ryan Elson (Norwest)
  • Scott Johnson (ADFA)
  • Shane Brown (Norwest)
  • Solomone Foster (Norwest)
  • Thomas Mackenzie (ADFA)
  • Todd Whilesmith (Norwest)
  • Tom Peadon (ANU) 

Coach: Dean Chapman

Asst Coach: Kieran Ellison

Manager: TBA

Trainers: Loughlin O’Keeffe, Luci Gunning


Training will held in Canberra at ANU North on Sunday 23 at
9am, it compulsory for all players named in the train on side to be in
attendance. The side will be finalised on the day and players selected must pay there $75.

Match Officials


Venue: Brookvale Oval, 29 June 2013

Kick Off: 1.00pm – 35 minutes each way, no time off for injury

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